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Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to try and pronounce words backwards.

It upsets me when they spell the same thing backwards.

Palindromes upset me.

Describe your favorite Pokémon in the shittiest manner possible












A duck with a stick

snooty asshole snake

diamond hoarder

purple dog



cocky prick lizard with a cameltoe forehead

Bat with a hair lip (cleft lip) and two subwoofers on its head.

Hi!…. Bye!

dirt porcupine

Literally Satan

Mountain lion with a marble glued to its forehead. 

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I just remembered that route in hoenn that always had those puddles. I remember how just…..gleeful and enchanted I was with the feature that you could see your character’s reflection in it, as well as the clouds above, and I remember everything was just so sunny and bright and…. OH I suddenly am super excited to see that again! It will be nostalgic, yet it will still be like a whole new experience due to the graphics boost! If anything, I am pumped to see all the amazing locations in the better graphics. Yeah, I liked the old style but…..It’s going to look amazing, okay? While Gold/Silver+their remakes is still my favorite because of the pokemon in the region(s!), and the fact there is so much in the game, and the feeling of going back to kanto is always great and stuff, and also in the remake, your pokemon walking around WITH you, Hoenn wins hands down for super diverse and just….really rad locations. Tree-house town. Village floating on the sea. Place you have to DIVE UNDER WATER to reach! MAN oh man. I can’t WAIT to experience it all again with the more immersive graphics. 

On a side note, I was pretty meh about pokemon contests, but now, with the new, more interactive features and graphics that really let you see what your pokemon is doing, I’m super pumped! 



Just…..just look at how cool that is….Or at least how cool it was to a 5th grader who had never seen graphics like that in a 2d game before. Imagine how it will look in the new graphics. Just….I am probably the only one pumped about PUDDLES but I don’t care. Gah!


I can’t tell if I’m hungry, or just bored. I hate that.

I lost two followers because I couldn’t make up my mind. 

I can’t tell if I’m hungry, or just bored. I hate that.

So my favorite uncle moved out of this tiny little closed-minded town thirty years ago, up to San Francisco, California. Before I was even born. …

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Talking about furries under the cut.

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A guy that not only likes cats, but is confident enough in his masculinity to admit he likes cats, is so fucking sexy.

It’s funny, every once in awhile one of my old ask Tavros posts will start being reblogged again and I’ll gain like 3-7 new followers. Like now.

Hey guys, the follow  is appreciated, but this isn’t a Homestuck blog anymore. Just a heads up. Tavros is retired. Enjoying having nothing happen during the hiatus. Never to return. 


Wooo! I’m a happy fangirl.

((May I ask why?))
Exactly why you might think.
That’s good. Everyone should be happy fan girl all the time.
Thank you, son. Are you a happy fangirl today? I certainly hope so!